Afternoon Enrichment

Brainiax offers individual classes for children interested in specifics class or they can join us as a Brainiax Junior! Brainiax Juniors (Ages 4-9) attend all enrichment classes Mondays – Fridays from 2:55 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. The afternoon enrichment programs are interactive, fun and intellectually stimulating. Our inclusive environment is led by a certified teacher with a master’s degree in childhood education. The teacher to student ratio for all enrichment classes is 1:10.

Enrichment programs include Artists, LEGO, STEAM, Wacky Scientists, Coderz and Music & Movement!


Our Weekly Classes

Afternoon Enrichment (Ages 4-9)

Choose Individual Classes or Sign-up for Brainiax Juniors and attend 2:55-5:15 p.m. Daily Mondays-Fridays!

Benefits of After-School Enrichments

Certified Teacher Led Classes

Our Head Teacher, Ms. Kandi, has a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood with a specialization in Special Education. As a mother of three and an educator, she has always loved working with children. She is very passionate about providing a high-quality educational experience for all children and is dedicated to finding teachable moments in every situation. Ms. Kandi is a dedicated, creative, and knowledgeable teacher. She is CPR/First Aid certified, safe sleep certified, allergy response trained, and child abuse trained.

Small Group Learning

The enrichment programs offered at Brainiax are diverse and engaging. Our programs are well suited for all types of learners and Brainiax aims to provide a fun and engaging experience with our talented certified educators. Our philosophy is that all children can learn when provided with an instructor that loves to teach.

Enhanced Education

Brainiax offers a private small group preschool and after-school enrichment programs for Preschool & Kindergarten age students. Our inclusive program focuses on each child’s cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development. Brainiax incorporates a strong literacy and math program. In addition, we offer S.T.E.A.M., science, engineering, Spanish and more in order to engage imaginations, instruct and allow for early learners to explore and grow. The daily schedule is filled with hands-on opportunities to build on the natural curiosity of all children. We are a tight-knit school family and we encourage each unique child’s growth.

Giving Back

The founder is a teacher, experienced business owner, mother of two and an active member of the Rotary Club of Livingston. Brainiax was founded with philanthropic intentions. Brainiax aims to provide families in the founders community with a safe, mentally stimulating and fun environment for all learners while gifted back a significant portion of proceeds.

Stimulate your child’s growth and development with our certified teachers!