My daughters took a class here and had the best time! They were so excited about all the different activities and begged me to sign them up again!


My son attended a lego class and he was thrilled before it started and was even more excited after class. He had a great time, and had lots of new information to share afterwards. He is excited about returning and keeps asking when he can go next! My husband and I are also so excited […]


My 4 year old son took a LEGO class and a Dinosaur class and loved both! He had a blast and learned a lot! The teachers are great and the facility is so nice. We look forward to many more classes at Brainiax!


Brainiax prepares children to meet the higher order standards set forth in the Core Curriculum Standards. Highly recommend it. Run by a director who truly is invested in the education of children, and what it means to provide high quality programming.


If you have a child who’s passionate about STEM and you believe in learning through fun and games, Brainiax is definitely the place to be! It’s the best spot I know that delves deeply into all the cool STEM toys out there, offering a schedule packed with awesome, guided activities.


Brainiax has been an uplifting and nurturing environment for 2 of my children. The teachers are phenomenal and they care for each child as if they were their own. Brainiax has allowed my children to thrive academically and socially.


My daughter is genuinely passionate about Brainiax. She revels in the attention showered upon her by the teachers and the director, which adds to her fondness for the place. The atmosphere at Brainiax is notably warm and inviting, with a strong emphasis on cleanliness.


My daughter goes to Brainiax for after-school care. The student teacher ratio makes the program absolutely amazing. My daughter is so happy there she never wants to leave!


We love this place! Great student teacher ratio: believe it was capped at around 2:10. Kids are well taken care of. Quick chats with teachers easily available as we meet them at drop off or pick up. Top notch curriculum: kids learned so much! They do different crafts and STEAM activities all day – those you saw on social media and thought you’d never have the energy to do are done there, during the school day. I’m constantly amazed and inspired. Super friendly and caring team: My kid only understood basic English when we joined Brainiax and he now speaks confidently and non-stop, all thanks to the team.


The classes and staff are exceptional. Total individualized attention! Creative and fun for all kids! Highly recommend Brainiax Preschool and enrichment classes!


My kids did the mini camp and LOVED it. We ended up signing up for 2 more classes! Can’t say enough wonderful things about the space and staff. Highly recommend!


My son did a LEGO class here and it was great! He had a great time and learned a ton! He enjoyed the activities and the teacher made him feel welcome and comfortable. Bonus that the place is spotless also!! Kudos to Brainiax!!!


Brainiax was a great after-school activity for my son and his friends. Our instructor, Saarah, is amazing and engaging and the kids love her. The boys are talking and giggling throughout the whole session, and it’s something my son would look forward to each week. The activities are fun and educational and there’s always something to bring home. I would 100% recommend Brainiax!


My son looks forward to going to school everyday. He loves all the activities, his teachers and friends. Teachers are amazing at helping him academically and emotionally. He is thriving at Brainiax. The amount of attention he receives is unparalleled to any other school. He is surrounded by attentive and caring teachers and has grown into a loving, curious and confident boy.


My son recently graduated to Kindergarten, but I could not be more thrilled with thr attention and education he received from Brainiax. Debbie and the entire team are amazing!


I am so glad to have found Brainiax. Our son is a little scientist (very into STEAM activities) and this is the perfect place for him. He loves the preschool and enrichment programs here. The preschool is one of a kind with a great student teacher ration 2:10 and they do a lot of creative STEAM activities. The facility is clean and I love that the classroom is a shoe free zone. Also, the teachers do a great job sharing pics so I can see what my son has been up to in preschool. Debbie, the teachers and the entire staff are just amazing. Couldn’t have been much happier. Thanks for everything you guys do!


Debbie and the team at Brainiax have been nothing short of incredible for my son’s growth and development over the last 2+ years! This place is a rare gem of a find! Not only has he learned so much, it is the unique way in which the team at Brainiax created a happy, inviting, warm, nurturing and small family atmosphere in which children can gain real 1:1 attention and truly thrive. My son has the foundation and tools now needed to make the transition to kindergarten and I owe a great deal to Debbie and her team for this!


Brainiax Preschool is an outstanding early learning center that has exceeded all of my expectations. My child attended this preschool, and our experience there was truly remarkable. From the moment we enrolled, we were impressed by the innovative approach and nurturing environment that Brainiax Preschool offers.


My kids really loved Brainiax. It felt like a second home to them. The teachers and directors there are amazing. They focus on making learning enjoyable and engaging for the kids, and they do a great job of preparing them for kindergarten. When my child left Brainiax, they were already well-prepared for kindergarten, including reading. The staff always kept us parents updated with fantastic pictures and videos of the kids, which was wonderful. My kids will definitely miss Brainiax


Brainiax has been the most wonderful preschool/daycare for my son, far exceeding my hopes and expectations! (And we have been with other daycares between our kids.) Brainiax has incredibly talented teachers, who manage to be nurturing, fun, and highly educational all at once. Coming out of the pandemic when my son was home for an extended period of time, Brainiax provided the learning and education for my son to quickly catch up and he is 100% ready for Kindergarten. They took the strongest health and safety precautions, far surpassing any other option out there – I checked them all.