Debra Kirchen

The Owner/Director, Debra Kirchen, is a seasoned educator with a Master's Degree in Education from NYU. As a mother of two children, she has always understood the importance of early childhood education. Brainiax was born for her children because she believed that teacher-led programming was necessary for all ages. Her youngest child graduated from Brainiax Preschool. As an educator, she believes in creating an engaging environment where children are offered a variety of experiences that instill a love for lifelong learning. In her spare time, she volunteers for the Rotary Club of Livingston.


Our Head Teacher, Ms. Kandi, has a Master's Degree in Early Childhood with a specialization in Special Education. As a mother of three and an educator, she has always loved working with children. She is very passionate about providing a high-quality educational experience for all children and is dedicated to finding teachable moments in every situation. Ms. Kandi is a dedicated, creative, and knowledgeable teacher. She is CPR/First Aid certified, safe sleep certified, allergy response trained, and child abuse trained.

Ms. Beth

The Assistant Teacher, Ms.Beth, has a Bachelor's in Communications. She holds a CDA in Early Childhood Education. Ms. Beth enjoys working with children because she loves being able to impact the lives of others, especially children. It brings her joy to help them in their early development stages, allowing them to explore their creativity by cultivating a world full of endless ideas. She is kind, nurturing, and highly trusted. She is CPR/First Aid certified.