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Brainiax Innovative Learning Center offers a small private preschool program that focuses on each child’s cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development. The program incorporates S.T.E.A.M. concepts (Science, Technology/Robotics, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) into all areas of the curriculum in order to engage imaginations, instruct and allow for early learners to explore and grow. The daily schedule is filled with hands-on opportunities to build on the natural curiosity of all children. Through project-based, inquiry-driven activities, the children explore and discover the world around them while learning literacy, problem solving skills, and collaboration techniques.


Brainiax offers diverse and engaging programs at Brainiax and at local schools. Our programs are well suited for all types of learners and we aim to provide a fun and engaging experience. Our Philosophy is that all children can learn when provided with an instructor that loves to teach. Brainiax offers Chess, Science, Technology/Robotics, Engineering, Art, and LEGO. Our classes aid in building crucial problem-solving and teamwork skills.

The founder is a teacher, experienced business owner and mother of two. Brainiax Innovative Learning Center was founded with the intention of providing a S.T.E.A.M. influenced safe environment for preschoolers and elementary level students. Our founder recognized that her own children were in need of more hands-on interactive after-school programs so she worked hard to construct a safe, mentally stimulating and fun environment for all learners.

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Super Fun Chess (PreK/K Sundays 9 a.m.)

Calling all beginner chess players… Learn chess in a fun and engaging way with Coach Sanchez! Chess helps students to develop their problem solving abilities. In addition, it aids in improving your concentration, pattern recognition, algebraic and geometric thinking, spatial reasoning and critical thinking skills. Chess also helps to improve self-confidence and self-worth. It increases attention span and memory capacity.

Not only will this class help to develop critical thinking skills, it will also be a lot of fun!

Art Engineering (Grades 1-4/Thursdays 4:45 p.m.)

Painting, sculpturing, you name it, we will teach it! In this class, your child will use their imagination to tap into their creative side. We will offer an arrangement of STEAM projects for students to learn various artistic techniques, using color, texture, shape, and movement


Intermediate Chess (Sundays 10:15 a.m.)

Intermediate Chess (Sundays 11:30 a.m.)

In the Busy Builders class students will learn how to engineer bridges, towns, forts, towers & objects to strengthen their problem solving skills. Students will have the opportunity to use a wide variety of materials to encourage their creativity.


Video Game Design (Wednesdays 5:30 a.m.)

Students will be introduced to the concepts of creative game design, and coding logic using Microsoft’s MakeCode Arcade interface. Students will be introduced to the concepts of creative game design, and coding logic using Microsoft’s MakeCode Arcade interface in addition to other platforms. Designing games for others builds cognitive abilities and imagination. Game design also teaches valuable skills that can be used in a variety of fields. Students will be able to learn how to work together in a team environment. Students will learn the aspect of advertising games, marketing the game, and how to get people to want to play the game. Must create an account before the class begins https://arcade.makecode.com/#

Our Story

Debra Kirchen, a teacher, mother and experienced business owner, founded Brainiax – Innovative Learning because she recognized that her community was in need of more hands-on engineering education for her own childern. Debra has worked hard to construct a safe, well-structured, and fun environment for all childern. Brainiax’s ultimate goal is to expand the social skills, confidence, academic knowledge, and problem- solving skills of the next generation.


Brainiax provides technology and interactive engineering programs for toddlers, preschoolers and students in Kinderharten through 5th grade.

Our program presents hands-on access to science, technology, engineering, mathematics and more to build crucial problem-solving and teamwork skills.


We believe that young minds are creative and uninhibited–that is why our Brainiax program begins as early as age two.

By introducing our curriculum to parents and oung childern, we believe families will be encouraged to embrace creativity and innovation. We believe that hands-on engineering benefits people of all ages, as it



My daughters took a class here and had the best time! They were so excited about all the different activities and begged me to sign them up again!

Leslie H.

My 6 year old son took a LEGO class and a Dinosaur class and loved both! He had a blast and learned a lot! The teachers are great and the facility is so nice. We look forward to many more classes at Brainiax!

Wendy H.

My son did a LEGO class here and it was great! He had a great time and learned a ton! He enjoyed the activities and the teacher made him feel welcome and comfortable. Bonus that the place is spotless also!! Kudos to Brainiax!!!

Amy B.

My kids did the mini camp and LOVED it. We ended up signing up for 2 more classes! Can’t say enough wonderful things about the space and staff. Highly recommend!

Dana P.

Prepares children to meet the higher order standards set forth in the Core Curriculum Standards. Highly recommend. Run by a director who truly is invested in the education of children, and what it means to provide high quality programming.

Jen G.

My son took a lego class at Brainiax he was thrilled about this class before it started and was even more excited after class. He had a great time, and had lots of new information to share afterwards. He is excited about returning and keeps asking when he can go next! My husband and I are also so excited for a new business like Brainiax- it is def what the town to Livingston needed! Can’t wait to sign my daughter up also.

Abby L.

My son took the trial LEGO class and had such a great time! He loved that the room was set up with stations to try different LEGO projects and areas of free play. He especially enjoyed the challenges at each activity (and I loved that he was learning scientific concepts while he thought he was just playing!). He can’t wait to take a class in the Fall!

Rachel K.

My daughters took a class here and absolutely loved it! The teacher taught them so much and was so patient with them – even with the 3 year old!! The facility is beautiful, too! I can’t wait to see everything my kids learn there!

years serving the local Livingston Community with tutoring and educational services.

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Brainiax provides interactive engineering concepts and STEM learning programs for toddlers, preschoolers and students in Kindergarten through 5th grade

Brainiax Birthdays

Brainiax Online & In-Person Birthday Party!

Our Brainiax Birthday Parties are safe, unique, interactive and a lot of fun! Brainiax has tons of ideas to choose from including science experiments, Beyblades, Pokémon and much more! Alternatively, we are happy to facilitate a unique idea of your choosing.

Step 1: Email us the date and time you prefer Info@BrainiaxNJ.com

Please include the age of the birthday child and the number of children you plan to invite.

Step 2: A Brainiax birthday specialist will then contact you to confirm your party plans!

Step 3: Email all of your friends the details for your birthday party.

Step 4: Our talented Brainiax birthday specialist will join you and your friends online or in-person for a fun safe memorable birthday you will always remember!

Contact Brainiax via email at Info@BrainiaxNJ.com to schedule your birthday party today! 


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