About Chess Enrichment

Parents, did you know chess helps students to develop their problem solving abilities? In addition, it aids in improving your concentration, pattern recognition, critical thinking and so many more skill benefits derive from chess. Chess helps to improve self-confidence and self-worth in children. It also increases children’s attention span and memory capacity. Not only will this class help to develop critical thinking skills, it will also be a lot of fun! Our chess teacher is highly skilled at working with all ages and abilities.

Brainiax Chess Classes

Benefits of Chess Enrichments

Cognitive Development

Chess stimulates critical thinking, memory, and concentration, promoting overall cognitive growth in young minds.

Patience and Planning

Chess encourages patience as preschoolers learn to strategize and make thoughtful moves, fostering a sense of planning and foresight.

Mathematical Concepts

Chess involves counting, pattern recognition, and understanding coordinates, introducing basic mathematical concepts in an engaging way.

Problem Solving

Playing chess teaches preschoolers to analyze situations, plan ahead, and find solutions – valuable skills that can be applied in various aspects of life.

Spatial Awareness

Understanding the movement of different chess pieces on the board helps preschoolers improve their spatial awareness and visualization skills.

Social Skills

Chess offers opportunities for friendly competition, enhancing social skills like sportsmanship, communication, and respect for opponents.

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